Mixer and chopper bowl cutter


<br />YC Mechanism Bowl Cutters and vacuum bowl cutter is still years ahead of the competition with our engineering higher and higher construction quality stainless steel. We provide professional processing technology to our customers in order to achieve better results and maintains the reputation of the production in the industry's most reliable with full responsibility for hundreds of satisfied customers.<br />Cut the container is the answer for the best product color and appearance, bite, quality, texture, and higher returns linked to the sausage, formed meat products, or other specialty meat processing. We have a dish, stainless steel cutter allows you to emulsify, coarse seal or stamp fine while reducing your time grinding and cleaning time and labor costs. Also boycotted the mix at a time when cutting and increases protein extraction by extracting up to 50 more protein than grinding mixing grinding system.<br />Advantages:<br /><br />High quality SUS stainless steel 304 construction.<br />Superior quality steel bowl and stainless steel supplied with large diameter bearings and vibration free.<br />Smooth surfaces gives a wonderful design boycotted most of the sewage, quick and easy cleaning and the latest safety features.<br />Control system to control the cutter by the touch of a finger touch screen.<br />Automatic system for feeding water optional.<br />Smooth control of rotation and cut mixing bowl rotation gives a wide range of programs that can be used in the cutting process.<br />Sharp knives cut the curved high speed instead of crushing the meat under pressure.<br />Size of cutter bowl: 80, 125, 330 420 500-liter.

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