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<br />ARC Series Inverter Manual arc welding, DC metal front panel<br />Of characters:<br />1. It adopts MOSFET reverse technology, high frequency arc striking design.<br />2. Function of compensation voltage fluctuation, with a strong ability to resist the volatility of voltage V -15<br />3. High efficiency and small unload loss, save more than 40 of electricity compared with conventional welding.<br />4. Small size and light weight which is suitable for use in places highworking<br />5. Arc easy to hit, small splash, low noise, stable welding arec, the perfect form of contact welding.<br />6. With protective inner circuit of the installation of more than heat, and over-current, under voltage and over voltage, it is safe and reliable to use.<br />Technical Specifications<br />Model ARC ARC-160-200-250 ARC<br />Rated input voltage V single-phase AC, 220V -15 three-phase audit, 380V -15 <br />Rated input current A 243 215<br />Rated input capacity KVA 5.3 7.1 10<br />Do not load voltage V 56 60 70<br />Adjust output current A 20-160 20-100 20-250<br />Rated voltage work V 26.4 28 30<br />Arc force adjustment A ---- 0-70 0-70<br />Duty cycle 606 060<br />No-load consumption W 40 40 60<br />Efficiency 858 585<br />Power factor 0.93 0.93 0.93<br />Insulation class F F F<br />Case the degree of protection 1P21 1P21 1P21<br />Net weight KG 7 9 17<br />Dimensions mm 370 160 220 370 160 220 475 205 300<br />Welding thickness MM 1,5-5 1,5-10 1,5-10

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