MS series aluminum Motors


<br />MS series aluminum engine MS series aluminum three-phase asynchronous motor<br /><br /><br /><br />MOTOR FEATURES:<br /><br />1 Utilise IP55 enclosures, and others ask<br /><br />2 introduced multi-site<br /><br />3 aluminum frame, end shields and base<br /><br />4 high strength cable gland<br /><br />5 Provide Shaft key and protector<br /><br />6 Paint the Supreme<br /><br />7 make the car market to heavy duty service factors<br /><br />Can be made 8 with the shaft of stainless steel <br /><br />9 for cars that for continuos S1 duty<br /><br />10 Utilise Vacuum impregnated Class B, class F insulation<br /><br />11 Others insulation on request<br /><br />12 high performance and efficiency<br /><br /><br /><br />Key solutions:<br /><br />1 water and dust resistant insects<br /><br />2 quiet operation<br /><br />3 the provision of electricity<br /><br />4 Easy installation bolt on feet or brackets as required<br /><br />5 resistance to corrosion<br /><br />6 can be relied upon<br /><br />7 the life of luxury<br /><br />8 can be relied upon in environments country, city or factory<br /><br /><br /><br />Specifications:<br /><br /><br /><br />MS series asynchronous third stage engine<br />The most prominent specifications<br />Aluminum frame size, and the Independent Electoral Commission 80-160<br />Output kW 0.18 to 22<br />Voltage V 220V 380, 380660V 10 request, or other<br />Frequency Hz 50 Hz, 60HZ 5<br />700rmin-poles synchronous speed, 950rmin 6 pole, 1400rmin 4 - pole, 2800rmin2-pole<br />S1 duty, S3-25, S6-40<br />Insulation class Class F maximum temperature limit: 155, and Class B maximum temperature Max: 130 C<br />Fence surrounding the whole with IP55 degree of protection<br />Contact 1 Y star of the forces below 3KW 2 Delta for 4 kW and above.<br /><br />Forced cooling ventilated ICO 141<br />Mountiing feet horizontal mounting, IMB3, B5, B35, B14, B 34, B3 mounting flange can be provided on request<br />V-ring seal or the President at the end of oilseal declined, and the closure of the ring on the end of shieds<br />Supplied the main shaft and shaft protector<br />Different brand name, and bearing in demand: SKF, TPI, NTN, C & U, etc.<br />Determine the dimensions in accordance with IEC 72

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