Multi-function electronic light beauty machine Rejuvention skin


<br />Multi-functional skin Rejuvention E-light Beauty Machine<br /><br />E-theory of light:<br />1.wrinkle removal, face lifting<br />With a focus on the entire derma and tissue precisely, stimulate collagen growth without damaging normal skin.<br /><br />2.Whitening renew and repair skin<br />The release of the IPL and RF at the same time, and for the power of light is much less than in the IPL so under the state of damage now skin tissue, is absorbed more energy beginning vascular lesions and pigmented and at the same time stimulating the growth of collagen promote skin elasticity .<br /><br />3.Acne<br />Short-wavelength lights kill acne bacteria, and the red light and high radio frequency restrain activity of the sebaceous glands.<br /><br />4.All types of hair removal<br />E-light is the only system that removes hair of all colors, including white and gray all the colors of the skin, and the transfer of energy equal to the hair roots and focus on the hair texture for the destruction of the hair from the bottom.<br /><br /> Of treatment:<br />Remove wrinkles, face-lift through the skin renewal and skin spots, acne and vascular removal of all types of hair.<br /><br />6.Advantage:<br />Along with high-tech IPL and RF, decrease the risk of burning and feeling uncomfortable in a large<br />Nice skin, dark and light hair color<br />Chairman of treatment with the cooling system to make clinical safer and more comfortable<br />Easy operation and maintenance simple everyday<br /><br />7.Parameter<br />Spectrum: 530-1200nm, 640-1200nm<br />RF power: 0-100 Jcm3 RF<br />Light energy: 0.45Jcm2<br />Pulse number: 1-6<br />Pulse width: 1-30ms<br />Repeat cycle: 1-4S<br />Pulse delay: 1000 ms 2000 ms ---<br />Spot size: 8MM "0mm<br />Cooling System: Cooling system: semiconductor,<br />Limited to water recycling is mandatory, exchange of hot and cold wind<br />Electrical requirement: AC220V 50HZ60HZ 50HZ60HZ AC110V or<br />Physical dimension: 350 "00 100mm<br />Weight: 45kg

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