Musk ketone


<br />Chemical name: 1 - 4 - 1, 1-dimethylethyl -2, 6 - dimethyl -3, 5-dinitrophenyl-Ethanone<br />Molecular formula: C14H18N2O5<br />Molecular weight: 294.44<br />CAS number: 81-14-1<br />HS number: 2914700090<br /><br />Use: The Sticky and perfumes, cosmetics, soaps and perfumes luxury.<br />Specifications:<br />Type Normal high<br />White to yellowish white to yellowish crystal appearance of crystal<br />Member of Parliament 134.-136, 5 134.-136, 5<br />Musk ketone content of 99,<br />Musk xylene musk ketone 0.8 99.9,<br />Musk xylene 0.1<br />Abeer<br />His natural musk smell of fresh moschus. His natural musk smell of fresh moschus.<br /><br />Packing: In fiber drum lined with a bag PE, 50kgdrum, 25kgdrum.

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