New Joye 510 E cigarettes


<br />Bauway new e 510 manual cigarettes more colors; 510 electronic cigarette 0.510 electronic cigarettes;<br /><br />510 gift design new packaging, starter kit, including:<br /><br />5 Cartridges<br /><br />2 Batteries<br /><br />2 spray<br /><br />Wall Charger 1 USB Charger<br /><br />118mm diameter 9.2mmlength<br />Weight PC: 12G<br />240 300puffscartridge<br />Battery capacity: 200MAH<br />Full battery can support 180-250 puffs.<br />8 hours charge for the first time,<br />Then 3-4 hours at a time.<br />Can be charged more than 300 times<br /><br />Specifications:<br /><br />1. This support is about 300 puffs Battery.<br /><br />2. Each cartridge can inhale about 240-300 puffs.<br /><br />3. Each jet is equal to 100 25pcs real cigarette.<br /><br />4. It is easy to take and innovation promotion gift.<br /><br />5. A new design in June. The new market in July.<br /><br />6. You can get this design only Bauway.<br /><br />Why did you choose electronic cigarette<br /><br />Green products, somke anytime, anywhere, is not prohibited.<br />Cost less than cigarette tobacco tranditional.<br />Almost odorless, and tastes similar to tobacco<br />No damage from smoke first or second hand<br />Will not stain teeth or skin demage<br />No tar, ash, butts, and carbon monoxide, cyanide, lead, arsenic, or other cancer-causing<br />Substances found in cigarettes<br />Easy to use and convenient Does't require matches, lighters or ignition<br />Refill cartridges are available in falvors mutiple and the power of nicotine<br /><br />Why did you choose Bauway<br />Bauway electronic cigarette is harmless to human body and the environment. No second-hand smoke and non-flammable. It can be used safely in most places, such as non-smokers. Different flavor available: MLB, CAM, mint, apple, grape, strawberry, redbu, doublemint, cocoa, mint, cherry, orange, green tea, and flavor is not and so on. We can also design any taste, size and your requirements. It would be very easy for an engineer to have to do it for you.<br />Moreover, Bauway perfect service as well, including after-sales service we have. If any suggestions or questions, and we will reply to you and solve in the shortest time.

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