New Model sand dryer, rotary dryer, drying sand


<br />Detailed Product Description sand drier efficiency. 1.price cheap. 2. 3 small space. Energy saving and high efficiency heat. 4. It is mainly used plain sand drier process efficiency in the selection of raw materials, building materials, metals and chemicals for drying materials with some moisture and size. Rotary drier has the ability to adapt to the strong, which can dry many kinds of materials with a simple and practical way security feature, so it is used on a large scale. Good quality, durable and stable to describe the chicken manure dryer machine: 1. Cheap, and the ability to himself, the price is cheaper than the rotary drum dryer. 2. A small space, why is this dryer named three rotary dryer, for example: 2X4m model, the equivalent of roller 12M, outside the cylinder pack 2 roller, plz check the picture, you can understand what is the meaning. 3. Energy saving and high efficiency heat. 4. Easy operation and reliability

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