New TJ-73 Small pneumatic hot stamping machine


Product parameters: Technical parameters: 1 Stamping area: 200*80mm 2 Working stroke: 40mm 3 Stamping pressure: 1000kg 4 Table area: 280*250mm 5 Printing speed: 1200times/hour 6 Total power: 600W 7 Weight: 80kg Advantages: 1, Controlled by the relay run 2, The heating temperature of the thermostat is stable 3, Crank mechanism design, strong pressure 4, The stamping pressure, temperature and time adjustable 5, The table can be multi-directional adjustment 6, Automatic paper feeding and receiving adjustable 7, Table height can be flexibly adjusted Product Description: This hot stamping machine is flat hot stamping machine the best-selling models. The stamping machine a wide range of applications, and is widely used in the stamping business cards, rubber, photo, wood, paper, leather, plastic, various food and cosmetic packaging printed pieces of foil pattern.

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