Non-solar water heater


<br />Non-pressure solar water heaters JW<br /><br />Specifications:<br />:<br />A. Inner tank material: food grade SUS304-2B stainless steel with 0.4mm of thinkness<br /> Tank materials: SUS202 stainless steel with a thickness of 0.4mm<br />c.Diameter of internal tank: 320mm360mm380mm<br />d.Diameter of outer tank: 420mm470mm500mm<br /> Layer: polyurethane foam with a thickness of 60mm-50<br /> Capacity: 100L-500L<br />g.Heat: 72 - 80 hours to maintain<br />2.Vacuum tube<br />Vacuum tube : 58mm 1800mm, 47mm 1500MM<br />b.Qty: 16182024303640 etc..<br />c.Hail resistance: 25mm<br />3.Bracket:<br />: Stainless steel SUS202<br />: 1.2mm<br />: 17 20 22 25 27 38 45 <br />: ISO9001: 2000, CCC, CE, KEYMARK<br />For more information, please contact us.<br /><br />E-mail: <br />Tel :86-573-87637358<br />Fax :86-573-87871698<br />MSN: <br />Mr. Daniel Shaw

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