NUMARK PPD 9000 Club mixer


<br />100 digital and analog input output. Will be S PDIF digital interface with turntable TTX1 NUMARK, and CDN90, AXIS 9, and other digital equipment<br /><br />Vintage contemporary style combines the selected shape to reduce the contribution of the green peak and the "warm tube" wine on the master<br /><br />Alesis Sub-Bass Synthesis and subwoofer out<br /><br />Dual EQ filter mode on each channel, EQ on mic inputs, Talkover in mic DJ<br /><br />Digital faders to exchange and replace it with full slope control<br /><br />Headphone cue to refer to the booth output<br /><br />Monitor intuitive send return, programmable fader start<br /><br />I O:<br /><br />4 phono 8 line 4 stereo digital S PDIF inputs RCA<br /><br />2 Preamp mic tenth 14 ", XLR Neutrik combo jack<br /><br />Launched a major out XLR balanced, RCA unbalanced with rear analog limit major gains<br /><br />Log out RCA analog, S PDIF digital<br /><br />Outside the booth 14 "unbalanced<br /><br />Outside the region 14 "unbalanced<br /><br />Outside the sub-speaker audio mono, 14 "unbalanced with a filter LP adjustable<br /><br />Send return stereo, 14 "unbalanced<br /><br />Specifications FIDELITY:<br /><br /> 100dB SNR weighted, the full path<br /><br />Frequency response: 10Hz-20kHz -0.5dB<br /><br />THD 0.005 Total Harmonic distortion<br /><br />High-quality, low noise OP-Amp<br /><br />DIGITAL SPECIFICATIONS:<br /><br />24-bit per second, 48khz AD DA converters<br /><br />24-bit, digital signal processing<br /><br />Dual-mode digital filtering, digital faders pots<br /><br />Programming 3 - band EQ<br /><br />Low Pass Band Pass High Pass with sweepable frequency and resonance Q

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