One column vertical lathe c5126e


<br />In super high quality. Are dealing with a manual and a guide beam of RAM by the supersonic frequency induction hardened HRC 50 while being treated with the sliding surface of the plastic guide with outstanding including the crust miles and pressure plate. Can be maintained on the accuracy of the product for a long time, and the cycle of major reform can be extended as long as more than 10 years. The casting is excellent all in a kind of HT300 and artificial aging temperature outside. Can never be carried out with the cast-treatment weight loss, weight of whole machine accords with the standard one. Five-angle tool carrier based high degree of precision gear mice to determine the site and all of the pieces 120, it will be carried out to determine the sites one by one with features super strong solid. Cann't be compared to determine the sites of traditional piece 5 of the plate with it is taken 2 Show digital coaxial as confirmation of standard electrical and Japan depends Omron PLC control and electrical components make use of components with high-quality, specification m standard assembly process, and in addition to that, and equipment the whole electrical system has a very high reliability. Electric rotary valve, the row variable speed machines 16 make the device suitable, smart and reliable. Characterized by a high degree of precision gear grinding and gear spiral bevel gear grinding Grade 6 accuracy with low noise and stable operation. Is performed JBT4116-96 standard testing the accuracy of a vertical lathe is performed JB3665-96 case of technical vertical lathe. Developed and perfected the quality of processing and Assembly Forge process is excellent. Complete the appropriate configuration allows the user to run only through the development of cutting tools, measuring tool. Optional configuration: rolling platform, and Germany Mikano button station, increasing and prolonging the lathe RAM and RAM box, etc..

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