Open Frame Diesel Generator


<br />Open the diesel generators<br /><br />Key Specifications Special Features:<br /> Features:<br />O Rated power: 64kw600kw<br />Q voltage: 400230kVA Amendment<br />O Frequency: 5060hz<br />O the power factor: 0.8 lagging<br />Q connection type: 3 phase 4 wire<br />Q Insulation class: H H<br />Q Type of protection: IP21-23<br />Q Voltage regulation: 5<br />Q voltage regulation, and the state instead: 1<br />Q warp voltage sudden abrupt cut: 20<br />Q warp sudden voltage surge: -15<br />O time of a stable voltage sudden reduction: 1.0S<br />O time Sable voltage surge: 1.0S<br />Q frequency regulation, and the state instead: 0.5<br />Q wave frequency: 0.5<br />My recovery time frequency sudden drop: 1.0S<br />My recovery time frequency sudden increase: 1.0S<br />Engine Features :<br />Q Engine Brand: Dusan<br />Q Engine Model: P126TI-II<br />O Engine type: I line cycle, water cooled, turbo,<br />Q combustion type: direct injection<br />Q Number of Cylinders: 6<br />Q and displacement: 11.05liter<br />Q is all: 1-5-3-6-2-4<br />O Bore x Stroke: 126 X 155mm<br />O Compression ratio: 17: 1<br />Q Rated RPM: 1 500<br /> Standard Accessories:<br />Q Standard Control Panel<br />Q exhaust silencer<br />O flexible tube<br />Q battery and battery cables<br />Q battery rack<br />Q Start Guide document<br /> Optional accessories:<br />O Intelligence Control Panel<br />My control panel parallels<br />O Automatic Transfer Switch ATS Panel<br />Q remote control panel Automatic<br />Q water heater, and oil-water separator<br />O intelligent battery charger<br />Q soundproof canopy umbrella and weatherproof<br />Q fuel tank and trailer

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