Optical Beam Splitter Cube Prism


<br />Optical beamsplitter cube is prismBK7 polarization beamsplitter<br /><br />Beamsplitter cubic type is more complex consisting of saws right corner of the two leaders together on a tendon reinforced their face of one leaflet is often used in coated.Beamsplitter plumb level, the survey, alignment, and optical Rangefinding Tooling.Before consolidation, with an insulating layer metal or the presence of the required properties that reflect, both in the percentage of reflection and absorption losses required to paint the is the minimum, transmission and reflection approach 50.<br /><br />Specifications beamsplitters we have as follows:<br /> Article BK7 glass or UV grade fused silica<br />Inequalities dimension : -0.1mm<br /> Angle Tolerance -30A 3or<br /> Aperture is clear: the dimension of 90<br /> The quality of the surface: 6040 or 2010<br /> The surface flatness: lambda 8 or lambda 4 at 633nm<br /> Write-off 0.3 -0.1mm<br /> Coating Optional

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