Optical reactor


<br />BL-GHX-8 gas outside the illuminated photocatalytic reactor<br />Built on the basis of similar imported equipment to further improve the product, is the most complete, economic and practical photochemical reaction system, flexible multi-purpose, and an integrated process to become a great advantage.<br />The main part of this figure, including the main square, a light bulb mercury control, and light fixtures, controllers, light bulb, light, reflectors light efficiency, and the light source cooling to protect the trap cold, and raising the reaction table type of pitch, and the reactor gas.<br /><br />BL-GHX-8 device type photochemical reaction is configured as follows:<br />1, an electric lamp mercury control to control the 300W, 500W mercury medium pressure lamp and working conditions;<br />2, the xenon lamp and the electric control unit to control the 500W 1000W xenon lamp or working conditions, each BL-GHX-8 type reaction apparatus controller standard optical and mercury xenon lamp, electric appliances, console, choose one;<br />3, and mercury xenon lamp electrical appliances Controller and the Controller and include the total energy supply, and selection of lamp and lamp power supply;<br />4, each light quartz glass protection or improvement of the cold trap;<br />5, the efficiency of light reflectors and gas effective radiation such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, hydrocarbons, etc. and the solid surface of the optical change, and can also study a higher concentration of a mixture of optical change;<br />6, each gas reaction of the quartz generator 250ml Union, optional, 500ML 1000ML;<br />Can be used 7, which depend on the device, in addition to the main box, and is also equipped with the production of the factory to the bottom of the table the reaction of the type of pitch.<br /><br />Some elements of the description<br />First, the main square<br />The main box is a series of reaction apparatus is placed where the optical device, lightweight, has the following characteristics:<br />Box of size 480mm 420mm 900mm, and weighs about 29kg.<br />Inside the black box in order to reduce light reflection.

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