Outdoor Enclosure communications


<br />Acceptable with multiple and include seven primary forms: limited equipment and cables enter the cabin, an effective cooling system and power system, UPS system, the Council of Ministers Council of Ministers management system, and system monitoring<br />Production features<br /> Main part of the Council of Ministers to use high-quality galvanized steel plate, with a hinge built, the structure of securing three points, and anti-theft insurance cover.<br />Rack design is 1921 inch record, space and cabinets' installation of the equipment compartment and all the businessmen are relatively independent.<br />3.Protection class is designed according to the level IP65, with the characteristics of the sun and rain-proof and dust-proof-proof resistance to pests and condensation proof.<br /> Design takes a different approach, such as cooling fan, heat exchanger, air conditioning, according to the different working environment in the Council of Ministers for heat exchange within the Council of Ministers.<br /> Increases the function of the electric heating which can set the threshold temperature, according to the operating temperature of the device.<br />6.Perfect range of environmental monitoring and investigation function of the Council of Ministers in the open air unattended really. Open the door, pipe failure of power, and battery charge status, and air conditioner failure, over temperature, humidity and more of the water in the ground.<br />Work Environment:<br />Temperature: -30 - 55 temperature shipping: -40 - 70 <br />Storage remperature: -25 - 55 in air pressure :70-106Kpa<br />Anti-wind power: 60M s earthquake-resistant strength: density of 7<br />Service life: 10years

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