Outdoor LED Display P10


<br />Products are offered:<br /><br />1 can be modified high density, so that you can meet the demand of customers, according to the application environment.<br />2 Best equality, and praise to solve the problem of the mosaic, have the consistency is excellent for light<br />3 To pictures and character, has a clear and wonderful and real impact of the screen<br />4 is the viewing angle to 110 degrees in a horizontal line, and 60 degrees on the vertical line, you can see in every corner of this range, any change to the image, and color is not a picnic<br />5 Can repair each led lamps, so the cost of maintaining the minimum, and easy to repair.<br /><br />Product advantages:<br /><br />1 Price Advantage: we have the most competitive prices in the market, and also has the same quality as the best.<br />2 Performance Advantage: Best Equality can be, and consistency is high, and a large viewing angle, and repair each led lamps<br />3 Quality advantage: From material to finished product, from design to production, we control all the steps, and this is to ensure quality and reliability.<br />4 Service advantage: the best service in the same situation, and improve cooperation in the service of himself<br /><br />Product application area:<br /><br />1 full color LED display: Equally or compressed to make the red, green, blue at one point, on an equal footing in the distribution panel, the display of the entire<br />2 apply generally to declare physical, sports, banking, stock exchange, station, port, and the market, and telecommunications, the Ministry, and the school, monitor, and a restaurant, and entertainment,<br />Unit size W H<br />160mm 160mm<br />Pixels Configeration<br />1R, 1G, 1B<br /><br />Itchy pixel P mm<br />10MM<br />Pixel density<br />10000dotsm2<br /><br />Resolution W H<br />16dots 16dots<br />Lead the way<br />14 duty<br />Cabinet Size W H<br />800mm 640mm<br />Unit Quantity<br />20pcs<br /><br />Council of Ministers Resolution W H<br />80dots 64dots<br />Council of Ministers pixels<br />5120dots<br /><br />Weight<br />56kgpc<br />Area<br />0,512 M2<br /><br />Average number of energy consumption<br />300Wm2<br />Maximum consumption<br />900Wm2

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