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<br />Panel LED lights to highlight the use of a new generation of low-power and high power SMD led light source, has the following characteristics:<br /><br />Energy: the brightness of the light panel which is equivalent to about 60 reduction in energy consumption, energy consumption of the equivalent of low brightness shining from about 80, and energy PFC 92, and energy conversion efficiency 88, consistent with the standards of efficiency in the use of energy.<br /><br />Environmental Protection: infrared spectroscopy and UV-free from adverse substances, mercury content, LED meet the requirements of RoHS, the light source is usually green.<br /><br />Life: LED life of up to 50 000 hours, or point of view of this, there is no time delay, frequency switch does not affect the life of the light source.<br /><br />Security: not easily damaged, and green. Waste recyclable, no pollution, unlike fluorescent lamps contain mercury components of the plate, the light is soft, through the testimony of CE.<br /><br />Widening the scope of application: In the low temperature start, and natural and use. Common fluorescent lamp plate is difficult to start in low temperatures, due to unique design, LED lights for the plate special materials: aluminum shell spread LGP paper, light emitted from the surface of the light standard, to look at the glare, and dramatically reduce injury the human eye, reducing eye fatigue, especially for hospitals.<br />Adjustment places: hospitals, offices, shops, supermarkets, schools, hotels, factories, car parks and other enclosed spaces to use.

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