Party tents, booths 6M tent Fabic warterproof


<br />Party tents, booths 6M tent fabic warterproof Size stimulated 6x6m side high rise Ridge 2.5M 4.8m bar distance 6M leg Profile 64.5x64.5x2.5mm contact Yves steel insert Max allowed wind speed: 80kmhour resistance Temperature: '-25 50 C Aluminium reinforced frame High 6061T6, oxydic, steel plastic tissue inhibitor double-coated fabric of polyester, flame retardant to B1 4102 DIN, M2, water proof, and anti-UV, and the cover of the roof is 830g sqm and too vague, and a cover side is 650g square meters and semiopaque tent in the future: China: UV resistance to atmospheric agents, filed in outdoors and inside buildings feature Comfortable and pro-environment: different colors available, and the size of the difference Information packaging: the minimum amount of : 3set delivery time: 20days Product Origin Accessories: Lining curtains, rain gutter, docking, modular glass door, a solid wall, glass wall system, transparent PVC window and wall system, flooring, air cordition, and so on. All according to your needs. Tent application: a feast, marquee, sports and presentation and so on. All according to your needs. Good materials, and design a new, better quality and competitive price

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