PEX-AL-PEX pipe, PEX pipes


<br />Laser welded overlap or PEX-Al-PEX pipes<br />Sizes 1216.1418, 1620, 2025.2026 and 2632mm<br />For the supply of hot and cold water and gas<br />Pipe is designed with special polythene both at home and abroad, and being clean and smooth. A layer of aluminum in the middle is to isolate 100.<br />Features of pipe PEX:<br />1 Specification: 16 - 32cm<br />2 resistance to high temperature and pressure<br />3 resistance to corrosion, noise and low flow<br />4 the service life of more than 50 years<br />5 Clean, sanitary and safe<br />6 resistance to static electricity. Proof framework<br />7 anti-freeze, anti-knock<br />8 is flexible and does not rebound<br />9 light weight, easy transport and storage<br />10 and links, low leakage less<br />11 of the easy installation and wide application<br />12 for the laser welding: by adopting many of the up-to-date technologies, laser welding, and we PEX-AL-PEX pipes have excellent performance<br />13 compared with the same kind of products, and our products have a strong beam welding, high strength adhesion, high pressure blast and a good rotation for the following reasons:<br />A. The adoption of up-to-date technology, such as laser weldingb<br />B. Using a laser to measure the control of the diameter at each step<br />C. Brands of all raw materials known international<br />14 steps of production absolute<br />A. And can be used to separate production steps to avoid the disadvantages of many coming from the method of treatment of one-step<br />B. Easy to control the accuracy and quality of the product<br />C. It can solve the problem of joint stick unequal, and bad for the method of treatment of one-step

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