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PERT Floor Heating Pipe Production Line is mainly used for production of agricultural water supply, building water supply, central heating systems, solar water heating systems and so on. The unit from the main extruder, high pressure head, vacuum forming table, high-speed traction machine, cutting machine, no crumbs, duplex coil machine and so on. Single screw extruder and tractor adopts imported frequency control devices, vacuum pump and traction motors are made of high quality products. 1. Put PE-RT material and other assistant material into the mixer and mixing the material symmetrically. 2. Feed into the hopper, at the same time heat extruder and keep the temperature, and the material is melt and plasticizing by extruder. 3. Then extruded by die and head and goes into vacuum calibrating dia. Device, and cooling and calibrating dia. 4. Then draw-off by draw-off machine, then printing word by ink jet printer, then put into automatic cutter to finish the automatic cut according to preestablishing length and stacking into the shelf. 5. And the eligible product is packed and put into storeroom, and inferior product is crushed and recycled. The Main Material 1. PERT 2. Venter material and color material 3. Other assistant material Note: We will provide our customers with material prescription, material type and relative technical document after signing contract. Work Condition 1. Electrical power and pressure 380V 2. Water 0.5M3/h, recycling water

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