Polyester yarn, and dope dyed any color


<br />Ladies or Gentlemen,<br /><br />We are specialized in all kinds of polyester yarn and nylon yarn and fancy yarn, etc., for 10 years, with good quality and very competitive prices, and reached an annual capacity to 100,000 tons.<br /><br />Classifications and specifications:<br /><br />1 polyester yarn, FDY yarn polyester full drawn yarn and DTY polyester yarn and materials from 30D to 300D, dope dyed any color, including separately Trilobal Bright semi-dull full dull.We, have exported significant quantities of the many countries.<br /><br />2, and nylon nylon 6 FDY 20D to the 140D, 20D and DTY of the 400D, dope dyed any color, including separately trilobal<br />Bright semi-dull full dull.<br /><br />3, and polyester filament FDY DTY yarn and positive from 50D to 300D.<br /><br />4, and black dope dyed yarn is the yarn DTY FDY and from 20D to 600D.<br /><br />5, FDY and single DTY dope dyed any color.<br /><br />6, and fancy yarn includes yarns feather, spinning centipede yarn lurex yarn paillette and spinning metal, pure yarn, silver and antibacterium ion and spinning dry fast, spinning bamboo, bamboo yarn, coal, soybean yarn, spinning bananas, spinning modal, fast spinning dry, Tencel, etc. spinning<br /><br />You can send free samples for your evaluation. Please comment and it will be appreciated any questions.<br /><br />E-mail: wufangyingjilly at hotmail dot com<br /><br />Use:<br />Different types of machines jet ofair and water machines.Warp knitting and sewing machines ring.

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