Portable CO2 fractional laser


<br />AES-CO2 smart is the world's leading CO2 laser aesthetic system renewal. Leading to a new era for the manufacture of plastic skin. In addition to the functions of gasification, Nick, and stiffness of conventional CO2 laser, and this new super system scan pulse fractions makes it possible to remove a variety of lesions, scars, and wrinkles safely and gently from the skin at the level of the skin.<br /><br /><br /><br />Product description:<br /><br />Appearing fractures is laser treatment creates a new way of many areas of thermal injury from microscopic view of a control, depth, and density, which is surrounded by a reservoir of spare skin tissue, skin, allowing for the rapid repair of the laser caused by thermal injury. This method is unique, if implemented with the proper delivery of laser systems, and enables high-energy treatments while minimizing the risks.<br /><br /><br />Indicators:<br /><br />Peeling skin to improve the fabric<br />Pigmented lesions: age spots brown spots sun spots<br />Wrinkles around the eyes<br />Acne scars<br />Surgical scars<br />Melasma mask of pregnancy<br />Actinic keratoses<br /><br /><br /><br />SPCIFICATIONS:<br /><br />1.Wavelength: 10.6m.<br />2.Power: 20W.<br />3.Diameter spectrum: 0.2 mm<br /> Mode: Pulse high, continuation, fractures.<br /> Way: the grip of the light guide.<br />6.WORKING mode: coated metal, RF stimulation.<br />Factions solidified very pulse scanning, evaporation, and cut: 7.Application.<br />8.Scan drawing: square, circle, triangle, a combination of square bracket, and the circular<br />Control of the scan area and density.

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