Power meter


<br />X, S, D, K series digital display meters are applicable in the measurement and supply current, power factor power supply, energy, and other electrical parameters of the power grid and the system of automatic control. With high precision, good stability, and anti-vibration, and so they can replace conventional analog meter panel directly.<br />The digital display is divided into m in X, S, D, K 4 series according to their assistance:<br />And used a series of X meters to measure and display, and the current effort, energy, power factor and electrical and other parameters.<br />M S series programmable alarm function and increase the production sequence based on the series X, the alarm can be achieved largely outside the function or the output control.<br />Increase the D series transmission intelligent meters and the production function of the measured electrical power and 0 5A 0 20mA 4 20mA relative power and analog on the basis of a series of X, as well as to measure and display functions, and can be used as a transmitter.<br />Increase in K m series programming the keyboard to determine the conversion rate and other parameters based on the X series with the functions of transmission optional RS485, and communication or alert.

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