Power processing equipment


<br />Innovative processes that are specifically designed to ensure fully equipped, power washed and dried vegetables and herbs:<br /><br />FTNON offers you the following equipment for processing power, and processing of products, lettuce, and herb processing equipment:<br /><br />- The complete manufacturing lines for vegetables, fresh salads and herbs.<br />- Manual and the mechanism of preparation.<br />- Weight of the Palestinian Legislative Council, and yield tracking and control systems.<br />- Different systems, washing and removal of foreign body.<br />- Many of the drying systems.<br />- Transport and handling systems.<br /><br /><br />In addition, belong to the program delivery to have to cut this modern industry:<br /><br />- Complete production lines for the preparation of fresh fruit salads.<br />- Manufacturing lines full of fresh mushrooms.<br />- Processing of complete lines for the fresh potato products.<br /><br />- Citrus production in the sectors as a whole.<br />- De rigs and split lines for apples.<br />Coating systems for various products -.<br />- A unique cleansing and steam sterilization systems.

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