PP PE PVC pipe extrusion line making machine


<br />We are a professional factory to produce PP PE PVC pipe, which makes the lines, pipelines, making corrugated pipe extrusion etc. PP PE line 1. Can be produced by PE PP pipe line. 2. Frameset tube: 16 - 75 mm, 75 - 160 mm, 160 - 250 mm , 250 - 400 mm , 315 - 630 mm 3. DC motor, DC digital converter and the efficiency of the screw. 4. Machine with caterpillar traction to haul a large diameter PE pipes. PVC pipe is used for: drain waste vent DWV. Sewage systems. Water main. Water service lines. Irrigation. Channel. Various industrial facilities. X range pipe dimeter: 125 mm, 160 mm , 250 mm, 500 mm , mm features 630 of the line: 1. And conical twin screw extruder and the traction machine hire famous brand AC frequency controller. Vacuum pump and electric motors with high quality. Four types of traction machine are available: two, three, four and six caterpillar traction. 2. Two types of cutting the saw blade cutting or planet. Can be installed 3.Length Device to traction device. 4. Optional devices: the end of the tube expanding device, spiral muffler tube making unit and core foaming tube making unit as required. 5.Traction machine with caterpillar to haul plastic pipes of large diameter.

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