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<br />- Basic materials: FR4, aluminum, ceramics, Rogers, F4BK, F4BT, TP, PF, CEM-1, CEM-3, and so on - the thickness of the Council: 0.30 to 3.20mm 12 to 126mil - Copper thickness: 0 0.50 to 5 ounce. - Mask Welding: LPI welding mask, mask welding traditional, peelable mask welding mask to ultraviolet light welding - the minimum line width: 0.075mm 3mil - The minimum area of the line: 0.075mm 3mil - Minimum hole diameter: 0.10mm 4mil - PTH hole diameter tolerance: -0.076mm -3mil - NPTH hole diameter tolerance: -0.03mm -1.2mil - The maximum size of the painting: 460 X 620mm 18 24 - Board of finishing type: Hot-air settlement, gold soft, gold and steel, and immersion gold, gold and fingers.

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