Production of steel wire pre-treatment


<br />Our advantages:<br />1.Advanced technology, excellent quality, high efficiency, economically and environmentally. Reached a level of lines of international standards.<br />2.Professional designer and manufacturer with ten years of successful experience in designing and manufacturing high quality steel wire production line and equipment in the manufacture of metal wire.<br />Follow 3.Strictly customer needs. Easy to improve and expand production capacity.<br />Low cost. Reduce the cost of investment and create more business value to customers.<br /><br />Steel wire production line pre-treatment to remove rust and oxide skin.<br />The most important process: to bear fruit - Protect wires from mixing - lines or lines of braking - shucking Mechanical - Pressure washing - Electrolyzing washing acid - Cole wash water - Hot water washing - fat boron plating - drying - gets on top or to the next process.<br /><br />Technical Features:<br />Come off smoothly, with the protection of mixing up red lines or braking.<br />Remove rust and oxide skin evenly, clean<br />Pickling can be electrically, and the removal of rust effectively and induction of small holes from the surface of the earth. Make clean the surface of wire rod.<br />Painted on the Internet boron. Boronizing completely. Diboride films are a strong and unified.<br />Automatic control drying temperature. Could be suitable for high-speed drawing process follw-up.<br />Compact structure, beautiful appearance, small space required.<br /><br />Also can we design and manufacture of other steel wire production line prior to treatment for you:<br />1. High-speed, two-lane, private line cleaning.<br />2. Multi-line surface of the steel wire line cleaning of heat treatment before or after coating.<br />3. Multi-line and environmental ultrasonic cleaning cleaning the surface of steel wire line.<br />4. Particular line of treatment for different uses, according to your demands<br /><br />Have been exported our lines and related equipment to South East Asia and Western Asia and Eastern Europe, South America, Russia, India, Indonesia and the Middle <br /><br />Do not hesitate to contact us.

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