PVC Bathroom Cabinet modern bathroom cabinet bathroom craft


<br />PVC Bathroom Cabinet modern bathroom cabinet bathroom craft TH70301 Background of the bathroom cabinet 1 Material: standard E1 plastic board, underwent a high temperature and high processing presure 2 Parts included: the Council of Ministers Home, mirror, ceramic basin 3 Mirror: 500 550mm Main Cabinet: 500 500mm 4 Size: 0.18CBM: 150sets20ft containers; 350sets40HQcontainer plots of the bathroom cabinet 1 1 European standard plastic board, select the drive that was oven-dried to ensure a stable product that will not expand, contract, or deformation. 2 Maher Najjar and nails of the best supplier in China, which make sure that cracks and strong constrution. 3 No dust painting workshop. Provide a single panel core and 3 layers of paint on it. 4 evidence of the water and painting from an environmental perspective, which makes any damage to the health and fade 5 and a detailed document for the soft and helpers for doors and drawers 6 Finsihing: process of ending the multi-step of the vanities is not rich only with color and pleasing to the eye but is also very durable shell the outside to help protect your furniture from the ware and the damage that may occur in every day use. Quality control of the bathroom cabinet 1 FQC: sources of materials 2 FQC: Publishing and sealing 3 FQC: Plate 4 and its 4 FQC: panel finishing and drying the bread 5 FQC: Assistants Association, before packing informaiton that are required for the bathroom cabinet 1 Color: Optional Best Seller: Expresso 2 Pack: U.S. standard cardboard, with foam cm 2 fills the inside, or according to your delivery time requirement of 3: 25 30 days 4 Cetificate standard: ISO9001: 2000 CE

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