PVC coated gabions


<br />Plastic material coated with dirt<br />Gabions are made of plastic-coated, a kind of square wire mesh, hexagonal wire netting, which is heavy by woven metal wire. PVC coated gabions outside diameter is from 3.0mm to 4.5mm, and the diameter of wire or wire edge of the edge is one wire gauge thicker than the common wire.<br />PVC coated gabions are made of plastic-coated galvanized steel wire: high quality low carbon steel wire, and we wrap a protective layer of plastic on the surface of galvanized steel wire, spun and then to the hexagonal wire netting, including all specifications. This could strengthen the PVC layer of protection against environmental pollution is high. At the same time we can not choose different colors because they match the surrounding environment.<br />Specifications of the natural soil of plastic-coated<br />Open a network 60X80mm 120X150mm 100X120mm 80X100mm<br />Qatar usually have a diameter of 2.5mm is 3.4mm to<br />The size of the dust 2x1x1m 4x2x1m 4x1x1m 2x1x0.5m<br />Other specifications of the customers are also available.<br /><br />The application of PVC coated gabions<br />Gabions are used in many cases, including the achievement of stability in the movement of the earth, soil erosion, and control of rivers, reservoirs, channel renewal, landscaping and retaining walls, etc..<br />Features and advantages of PVC coated gabions<br />PVC coated gabions can afford strong depressions and extrusion force and maintain its shape. Gabions easy enough to install that any experience must be obtained a good result. PVC coated galvanized steel wire outside, PVC-coated sand is the best in corrosion resistance, and anti-oxidant, and durability, while the dust-coated plastic is more beautiful than non-coated PVC. We can match the surrounding environment, and make people more comfortable.

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