PVC sports flooring that contains the plastic on the surface of lychee green


<br />A unique specialty:<br />1. Article 100 pure virgin<br />2. A one-time scraping paint<br />3. Environmental Protection: innocuity, water proof, and the slide to prevent and combat bacteria<br />4. Under the direction of paving, and the area of installation art by our professional<br />5. Suitable for any level of the land: cement, titles, marble, wood floors, etc..<br />6. Easy maintenance with a mop and neutral cleaner<br /><br />Brand Lanshuo<br />Write a series of solid color or customized<br />Thickness of 2.0mm - 8.0mm<br />Supply roll or 1.5M 1.42m, 1.8 on wood grain floor only<br />15M length roll or other<br />Lecce shell surface, cloth, and a grain of sand, grain and wood, leaves, normal<br />Application in indoor sport and commercial<br />Permanent layer of 1.2 mm and 1.4<br />Quality warranty from 5 to 6years<br />Material 100 pure raw plastic materials<br /><br /><br /><br />Installation<br />1.PVC permanent layer<br />2. Glass fiber layer 3. Strengthening layer<br />4. PVC foam insulating layer<br /><br />Test reports issued by the qualified<br />1. China National Center for Quality Supervision and Test Environmental Protection Products<br />2. China National Quality Supervision Sporting Goods Inspection Center<br /><br />In the past 8 years, no product and wondered about the quality problem, such as the uprising, smelly, swelling, and chromatic aberration of the word.

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