Rectangular Ductile Iron Pipe Clamp groove


<br />Rectangular groove ductile iron grate<br />According to the standards EN124<br />Painting or printing surface of the epoxy tar<br />Class D400<br />Ductile iron materials<br />Process templates plates<br />Pattern as requested by customers. "<br />Domain size 800x650mm<br />Oblong<br />Methods of packaging pallet wood, PVC, thin<br />Brand Yadite<br />1 benefits of environmental protection with non-toxic raw materials, and it will not affect the user<br />2 longevity corrosion resistance, anti-corrosion insulation capability weather excellent anti-corrosion anti-pressure ability<br />3 at competitive prices and the price is less than the standard set forth<br />4 weight loss because it is appropriate to move the building to install easily and reduce the intensity of work<br />5 colors rich and beautiful appearance can keep as long as<br />6 is anti-theft anti-theft trash naturally<br />7 dice art technology<br />8 standard: ISO AISL ASTM DIN<br />9 Size different according to demand<br />10 process: casting iron completely cameras<br />11Best price, best service and rich experience<br />We are in a position to accept orders according to your samples, quality and price and will meet you.<br />Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our products.<br />Will be high quality and competitive prices give you every satisfaction.<br />We look forward to serve you.<br />Contact person: The Ms.Yajie<br />E-mail: <br />MSN: <br />Tel Fax :0086-317-5566993<br />Mobile :0086 -15833795072<br />TMID: cn220017483<br />Prompt delivery

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