Refrigeration compressor


<br />Using R134a refrigerant QD series LP compressor: used to make ice ice machine, and a small refrigerator, mini bar, water and other distributor<br /><br />1.High efficiency and reliability of the load 3 2.Strong. Reliable starting performance 4. Low sound and <br /><br />Approved certificate: CE CCC VDE Rhos<br /><br />Information Technology:<br /><br />Model: QD36<br /><br />Folder FRE:. 220V-240V50Hz-60HZ, 110V60HZ<br /><br />Cooled: Using R134a<br /><br />Displacment CM3: 3.6<br /><br />Cooling Capacity W: 80<br /><br />Power W: 88<br /><br />Rated Current A: 0.70<br /><br />Horse Power HP: 19<br /><br />Conference of the Parties W W: 0.91<br /><br />Engine: RSIR<br /><br />Sequence: PTC<br /><br />Cooling: ST<br /><br />120PCS in pallet

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