Renault Can Clip Diagnostic Interface V103


<br />Renault can clip diagnostic interface V103<br /><br />V103 is the latest version of the Renault, the possibility of the clip.<br /><br />Description:<br /><br />Clips main menu allows you to:<br /> see all the information relating to vehicle<br /> Consider the function you want to use: - computer test<br />- Automatic test of all computers<br />- Re-programming<br />- Airbag test<br />- Scantool tested OBD<br />- Base Doc access to Technical Notes<br />- Physical measurements<br />- Anti-pollution<br />- The multi-<br /><br />The possibility of the clip Renault group includes:<br /><br /> can clip interface<br /> 2 cables for the possibility Clip - Connect car<br /> can be for 1 cable for a song - PC connection<br />CLIP V103 can be installed now, on any computer 1 software CD<br /><br />It's very simple to diagnose the possibility of using the Renault Clip Diagnostic Interface: just select the vehicle make, enter the and press ENTER.<br /><br />Warranty: quality of the product for a year of<br />After-sales service:<br />1 Free repair and maintenance service within one year<br />2 Free technical support via the Internet or over the phone<br />3 Free update during one year<br /><br />We have a lot of other diagnostic tools with the most competitive prices, such as: VAS5054A, OPSGT1 BMW, MB star 2010, GM's 2-TECH, LEXIA3, Super Toyota K can COMMANDER 2.0, AUTOBOSS V30, AUTOBOSS WIRELESS PC-MAX , C -168 scanner and so on. If you need any diagnostic tool, just contact me, please

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