Repeller, ultrasonic bird digital


<br />Introduction<br />Nests of birds on power transmission towers or transformer stations easily lead to short-circuit line of faltering. Once such incidents occur, the electricity companies suffer a great loss. Is designed specifically for the insecticide ultrasonic bird digital TLKS-PUW to energy companies. Was installed on the edifice of power transmission or converter station to repel birds to avoid accidents.<br />B. Working Principle<br />Repeller, ultrasonic bird digital TLKS-PUW is a low power consumption and ultrasound sound system which is based on the Supreme Judicial Council. It takes the solar cells and electric current. The ultrasound stimulation of the nervous system of birds and allow them away from the cover ultrasound. They provide the security environment for the power transmission lines. Change the frequency ultrasound to ensure durability of the effects of driving the birds. Have the characteristics of low voltage, low power consumption, reliable performance and long life operation.<br />C. Features<br />1. After installation, turn the power switch and then the indicator will light, Issue 6 kHz low frequency ultrasound for 10 seconds. And will enter into working mode after 1 minute.<br />2. To save energy and prolong its life, the repeller, ultrasonic bird digital TLKS-PUW stopped for 15 minutes, after working for two minutes.<br />3. The ultrasonic frequency of ultrasound birds Driving is 12 kHz 25 kHz. While working in two minutes, "one minute is the sweep frequency and one minute is a constant frequency

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