Resin-coated plates


<br />If you want to add a decorative touch to a very after the operation to the kitchen or bathroom, take a look at the paintings of our brand new resin.<br /><br />These paintings are hitting all types of packaging materials from nature, such as plants, shells, pebbles, beans, and convert any higher than normal in a spectacular counter.<br /><br />Gravel in the resin store sixtieth<br /><br />Materials used: a transparent resin with compressed natural gravel and laminated inside.<br /><br />Are dealing with hard surfaces floors, counter tops, table tops, and so on the surface with scratch-resistant coating: use.<br />Standard panel size: 600 600mm and 600mm 1200 <br />The maximum size of the painting: 1220 x 2440mm 18mm thickness required<br />Thickness weight available: 8MM; 35kgm2, 10MM; 37kgm2, 12mm; 39kgm2, cut 15mm; 44kgm2, 18mm; 50kgm2, 20MM; 52kgm2, 30mm; 77kgm2<br /><br />Can be reduced to this product by the saw or drill.<br /><br />Nature in the resin<br /><br /><br />Resin coated tiles are made of materials with high quality resin polyester with compressed natural products inside.<br />It's characteristics are:<br />1 high strength<br />2 heat-resistant up to 80 C<br />3 easy to install.<br /><br />Use: decorative wall panels, walls, counter tops etc..<br />Materials used: a transparent resin with natural materials coated inside of plants, and Shell, beans, etc.<br /><br />Standard panel size: 1220 x 2440mm <br />Painting other available sizes: 1000 2000mm x 3050mm and 1220<br />Standard thickness: 10MM.<br />Other thickness available: 12mm, cut 15mm, 18mm, 20MM.<br />The panels can be cut and drilled, and polished edges, and joints.<br /><br />Sizes and can customize the size of the standard panel 1220x2440mm at an additional cost is small.<br /><br />Organization for Economic Cooperation PETG new domain using recycled materials which can be converted to any form of thickness 3mm to 12mm.<br /><br />PETG sheet is clear and transparent, made of thermoplastic copolyester. It is one of the sheets of plastic the most respected and trusted throughout. It offers extreme clarity and light transmission in combination with high gloss. PETG polyester leaves a very good impact resistance, even at low temperatures, a

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