Resmart Bpap devices with CE


<br />RESmart BPAP<br />Two-level positive airway pressure BiPAP<br />With RESlex expiration pressure version<br /><br />RESmart BPAP series offers the ultimate in comfort treating sleep. It combines the delivery of auto pressure control with pressure relief after the breath of self RESlexTM for most natural sleep therapy. It can also provide non-invasive ventilation for patients who suffer from respiratory failure in the hospital or at home.<br /><br />Accuracy of professional<br />- Innovative tracking technology to ensure accurate and comfortable treatment.<br />- A unique sensitivity of the setup algorithm provides individual therapy, and makes each user to get more comfortable.<br />- RESlex better performance and compliance with exhalation.<br />- The trigger of inspiration for the auto industry starts up.<br />- Automatic stop after a delay mask.<br />- The alarm when the power to cross.<br />- In the function of the alarm time mask tube off-line.<br />- Automatic leak compensation and rising ensure the accuracy of treatment in any place.<br /><br />Comfortable and sturdy design<br />- Integrated design InH2TM and knock down - heated humidifier.<br />- DC 24V powered humidifier control and infrared make the user a safe and comfortable.<br />- Restart automatically after a smart heater a break a short-term.<br />- A patented water tank to combat the opposite<br />- Fred delay off feature protects RESmart BPAP the risk of moisture.<br />- Strong embedded memory buffers data last night, full of raw, 'user forums and more than 30 years of "s 365 log treatment.<br />- Production code of the user directly via portable thermal printer.

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