Roots Air Blower


<br />Roots blowers at work, and pressure changes with changes in the resistance of the system to adapt to the self, and when changing pressure, flow rate change little, with the characteristics of forced air. Transmission medium is not oil, it can be fresh air, and can be a gas again.<br />Produced blower roots, the structure of a sophisticated and reliable, long life and easy operation and maintenance, and the caliber of 650-40, and traffic from 0.54-711m3min, pressure 9.8Kpa-98Kpa, and traffic sub file intensive, covering a wide range of convenient for users to specify specific criteria refer to the samples of the product.<br />Our capital and major cities in the country, with sales outlets and service organizations, products used widely in petroleum, chemicals, electric power, metallurgy, construction materials, foodstuffs, textiles and paper, and clean the dust, and aquaculture, wastewater treatment, air transport and force other industries.

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