RPV-915 embroidery machine, high speed


<br />Accumulated 20 years of experience in manufacturing machines and embroidery machines and RP high-speed factory now offers the best performance of the device at high speed in the world.<br /><br /><br />Computer: World No. 1 Flat Embroidery Technology<br /><br />Machines: high-precision parts based parts that stands wearing a long life.<br /><br />1. Top speed: 1200 rpm; 1000RPM speed of production.<br /><br />2. Latest automatic lubrication system: User may develop a mechanism stitches lubrication interval: from 1000-250, stitches separator 000. Automatic lubrication and the time span: 0.5 to 10 seconds. The user can also set the manual lubrication.<br /><br />3. Advanced System Y X.-driven, made 1200RPM stable sewing high-speed, silent frame move at high speed through the adoption of X, Y step motor, and ensures accuracy also with technology interpolation world's most advanced, and the curve the more advanced paid content production of high-speed, and moreover, It is effective in terms of cost, to expand the scope of this other system, because of the system, can not be achieved until now.<br /><br />4. Advanced control system in the computer: the worlds first Pentium 586 computer control equivalent system gives maximum speed and accuracy to control the high speed, as well as a maximum attachment to each president.<br /><br />5. Independent presser foot: Double presser foot CAM orientation and needle bar. Less noise and more accurate.<br /><br />6. Motor trimmer and trimmer solenoid as an option free.<br /><br />7. Powered blues.

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