<br />Description: White powder or granular form.<br /><br />Identification: The product gives the advantage of a reaction to the phosphate.<br /><br />Solubility: soluble in water<br /><br />Application: used to help the main wash synthetic, soap agent synergy, water softener, leather agent before tanning, Deputy Assistant dye, and dispersant of suspension such as paint, kaolin, magnesium oxide, calcium mud carbonate, Under preservative for the paper industry, organic composition catalyst, epuration and use of petroleum products, gum latex storage, as dispersant, solvent in metal industry and pharmaceutical industry, is also used widely in the composition of chewing gum, food industries, and the process of poultry.<br /><br />Packing: bag lined with plastic bag, net weight per bag. 25kgs or 50kgs or 1000kgs.<br /><br />Storage: Avoid humidity and lack of development and discussed in the open air.

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