Sale 2.4GHZ RF module dh2401pal


<br />Product Features: 1.2.4GHz band ISM, the maximum output power 2.Power width range: 1.9-3.6V 3.5V tolerant input signal pads 4. Digital interface SPI Speed: 0-8Mbps 5. Test 100 RF 6. Data rate of up to 2Mbit s 7. High integration of devices, you need a few external components 8. Reduce the rate of data quickly and a little time on the air current contacts 9. Miniature PCB mounting unit DH2400 with PCB loop antenna size reduction of about 29 15mm, about 80 meters in open space. 10. Promote ShockBurstTM: MultiCeiverTM car pipes -6 data recognition cars to re-broadcast carrier identity packages meaning constant, disorder among the packages error three deep level RX FIFO and three deep level Texas applications FIFO: RFID vehicle applications, alarm systems security after the meter reading remote data acquisition notice System Security Authorization Access to read the control meter automatically AMR wireless high fire safety security alarms at environmental monitoring control to a wireless mouse keyboard and computer peripherals wireless hands of the sport of free and entertainment equipment, and game platforms

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