Sale of gas nozzles of ceramic stud welding


<br />Has been the development of welding consumables by the company in recent years, which are sold in many countries and regions in Europe, Asia, and gained a good reputation widely among customers with excellent quality. In order to meet customer requirements and improve the quality of the product, the company has already realized the automation of mechanical processing numerical control production and is committed to manufacturing products with the best quality<br /><br />The company can provide the following:<br />1.Sell rings ceramic welding specifications for different brace.<br />2.Sell Khartoum of ceramics for TIG, MIG MAG welding.<br />3.Sell Khartoum alumina glass. Modle: 10N, 13N, 14N, 53N, 57N, 796F, 130-137, 2411etc.<br />Diffusors 4Sell ceramic gas welding MIG.<br />5.Sell, porcelain, Shield, Cup, diverter, silver, gold plated for, plasma : OTC-12000, Panasonic 80.<br />6.Sell electrical, advice for plasma cutting.<br />7. Sale of ceramic pin guide<br />8. Sale of ARC-welding, and backup ceramics.<br />9. Gas nozzle, and a party, party contact, Colette, Colette body, cap back long, cap short back and all kinds of spare Binzel welding torch etc..

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