Sale of plate and the system of alternating bubble air pump, and pump system Mattres


<br />KP-09<br /><br />Details of the deal: 1 piece of evidence in the bag with PE, 12pieces in a box Ctn color<br /><br />Alternately bubble bag and pump system<br />Anti-pressure ulcer mattres air and pump system<br /><br />So that they are used alternately in the bubble phase 1 or sores prevention of bedsores. It's important to protect the patient will recover in a short period. Panel bubble is not pungent odor, made by PVC material with anti-fungal and cold resistant, and one end of mixing time.<br /><br />For the purpose of distributing body weight evenly on the plate bubble and adjust firmness and softness of two different weather inside the cushion bubble through the expansion of control and the amount of air in each of the 5 to 6minutes of the interval by the power unit, and pieces of the body pressure is low and his face in some cases to allow the flow of blood through pressure on the tissues and capillaries in order to change the oxygen and nutrients, and help cushion the bubble is important for the prevention of bed sores for those who are bedridden, and can reduce the burden of caregivers.<br /><br />Key features:<br />1. In the air lying anti-bed is a pillow bubble with the unity of a modern, streamlined key design, just plug in the unit after installation easy and turn on the switch for the air to start to fill the bed, adjust knod to adjust the consistency after the air has reached the bed of the peak of its operations.<br />2. Management of the safest power: the power connector can be separated from the unit to provide protection if pulled in a state of emergency. Abroad is equipped with a double fuse and switch to prevent activation of the hidden shell, the interior is compatible with the stringent requirements of medical safety, and provide peace of mind for users.<br />3. Design is easy to use: Interface directly to the process forward, and modular design for simple installation, ease of maintenance.<br />4. Double hook design: provides execution effort and angles adjustable suspension, can be cut iron withstand sudden strong pull.<br />5. Exterior smooth, without sharp edges to prevent injury

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