Sale of ZD-2-qjy3d last activities Hydraulic with base


<br />Features:<br />Raise system.Anti-breakage safety of the series.<br />2.Double self-insurance protection.<br />3.Anti-corrosive nylon slide block to lift the stable.<br />4.Automatic insurance arm during the lift and open up when the arm to the ground.<br />5.Self support base, and installation is possible on the ground with poor surface anchorage.<br />6.Base with small ramps for easy drive through.<br />Posts steel with high hardness.<br />8.Single driving hydraulic cylinder.<br />9.Asymmetrical of arms, posts symmertrical.<br />ZD-QJY3D-1 with Italian pump station, Chinese hydraulic cylinder.<br />ZD-QJY3D-2 with Chinese pump station, sylinder hydraulic Chinese.<br /><br />Technical data:<br />Lifting capacity: 3000kg<br />Lifting height: 1800mm<br />Minutes. Length: 120mm<br />Materials crane time: 70S<br />Reduce the time: 60S<br />Car through the distance: 2832mm<br />Net weight: 750kg<br />Engine ppwer: 2.2kw<br />Voltage: 380V, 220V

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