Samba costumes


<br />We produce fashion embroidered with the Carnival Caribbean, and organizations event and dance schools, and we decorate them with sequins best quality, beads, rhinestones, fabric, embroidery and other Zain, we do sewing, and Las Vegas show the type of girls, dancers and ideas, Halloween, and so more much.<br /><br />With a team of experienced workers take a little over one month to produce clothing with quality and cost-effective.<br /><br />If you do not find what you're looking for, and be a good idea of what you want, and we will design to make it for you or find you If you have a dance group looking for a unique costume that can work together to design an ideal. Clowns can fashion their own original signature. There is nothing wrong if you send us costume design dress or we can start there, or tell us what you're looking for in a garment or fashion designer, and we can work together. We work with you through their drawings and ideas in order to achieve unique designs and unusual dress.<br /><br />If you understand the real significance of what fashion accessories means that the production of quality, you need to contact us.<br /><br />Thanks<br />Dress-N-dance team

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