Screw air compressor


<br />Air Compressor Specifications: 1. Power range: 15HP to 1220hp, pressure: 4bar to 12.5bar, 2. Capacity: from 1.2 to 155 M3 M3 per minute. 3. Standard pressure: 7 bar, bar 8, bar 8.5, 10 bar 0.7, 0.8, 0.85, 1.0Mpa 4. Voltage: 380v3ph50hz, 415v3ph50hz or according to your requirement. 5. Login method: Star Delta start working theory one screw compressor: air compressor consists of one cylindrical worm and two wheels of the plane symmetrical star, which is involved in which is held in the casting. Groove worm, castingand the tooth surface of the wheel of a star forming a sealed cavity. The worm turns starwheels. Wheels when the stars are moving in the groove worm, is the air pressure in wormgroove and exhausted. Worm on 6 grooves are separated horizontally by wheels Cheap labor in two cavities, each one of them realizes separatelysuction, pressure and fatigue. Therefore, one screw and one compressorcorresponds to one unit of the six-cylinder double-action piston compressor. Detailed information, please feel free to contact us.

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