Sealer Asphalt rubber chip synchronous


<br />Product Introduction<br /><br />And asphalt rubber JQ5251TLS synchronous chip sealer asphalt binder distribution and gravel at the same time, giving them enough to touch most of the surface to get a larger adhesion. This equipment was developed, which is compact, and useful and practical, by incorporating the features of the equipment of the same type of industry-based distributor of rubber asphalt and gravel spreader for our company.<br /><br />Key performance characteristics<br />1. Compact structure, short turning radius; applies to road construction in mountainous regions and rural areas, and the application of high.<br />2. Materials independently of the intervention, given the seriousness; that low altitude run easily in the high limited areas, including tunnels and canals.<br />3. Diesel oil burner with a high temperature by a temperature of asphalt oil, temperature controlled automatically.<br />4. Automatic control system; excellent man-machine interface.<br />5. Is controlled automatically recycling of asphalt and spraying by taxi, convenient to work.<br />6. Built-in device can not only sprayed asphalt emulsion, cutback asphalt, asphalt base, asphalt modification, but also rubber asphalt powder.<br /><br />Main Technical Specification<br />Product Type: TSF0508<br />Product Type: TSF0508 TSF0712<br />Showing asphalt spray: 0.3 0.3 3.2m 3.5m<br />Sprayed amount: 0.5 0.5 2.5kgm2 2.5kg <br />Stone spray width: 0.3 0.3 3.2m 3.5m<br />Asphalt and container cubes: 7000L 5000L<br />Stone storage capacity: 8 cubic meters 12M <br />Asphalt heating method: automatic diesel oil burner<br />Appearance Dimensions: 9890 2496 3650mm 10080 2496 3650mm

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