Sealing rib peeling machine roll jhb400


<br />Rib peeling roll stamping machine works together with the couplers to connect the rebar diameter between 16mm and 40mm. Principle: The completion of each process by a single machine. First use the machine for processing reinforcing steel to make a parallel thread, and second, use a coupler to connect the rails Mon Features: 1, the tensile strength of the connection point is equal to offline power bar in tensile set, 2, rib peeling the completion of the steel bar one-time loan, roll thread screw with speed, 3, automatic and very easy to operate, 4, roll after stamping steel rib bar peeling, with good precision, thin and consistent size of the diameter, 5, wheel rolling a long period of service, and low added cost of the connector, 6, a few of the specifications of head roll, and a wider range to form a rod of steel, only a one can address a 16mm-40mm steel bar Screw Thread, 7, easy to adjust, when rolling steel bars of different specifications, and adjustments can be made without dismantling the head rolling, provided that the screw pitch is the same.

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