SG-1290 laser drilling machines


<br />Standard features:<br />1. It is equipped with imported linear guide rail of international advanced stepper motor and driver, which ensures more stable operation, and a top speed of drilling and greater accuracy.<br />2. It relies on the integrated design of the structure of the frame. It is stable and reliable and have high through automation her <br />3. Platform, honeycomb panel, bar cutter, board the elevator can be optional, as well as aid rotary circle pits or certain things, so the wide application.<br />4. It adopts international advanced system control DSP, so it has the functions of the curve quickly down the pieces, as well as most of the short course of treatment and function optimization.<br />5. If equipped with a professional image of drilling programs, and the output will be direct, fast and convenient, and embossed image will be more pronounced.<br />6. This device has the advanced magnetic induction current to switch the water. The laser is automatically shut down, if not through the water or not in the case of incontinence, which improves the quality of the laser, and extends life of the laser in a wide range. It is equipped to facilitate lamp night <br />7. It is also be equipped with software off-line completely. This device has a large capacity memory of 32M, so it can certainly be off-line.<br />Technical Specifications:<br />The number of parameters Description<br />1 X Y working area 1200 900mm<br />2 for the laser power of 60-80W<br />3 Type of Laser CO2 laser tube of glass, water-cooled, 10.6m<br />4 Drilling and scanning speed 25-60000mmmin<br />5 Max speed 60000min<br />6 25-25000mmmin cutting speed<br />7 minutes in the formation of characters 2mm 2mm in the letter 1MM 1MM<br />8 files in supported format BMP PLT CDR DXF PCX TGA<br />9 Max scanning precision 2500DPI<br />10 power supply 220V 10 50HZ<br />11 location accuracy 0.01mm<br />The ramp 13 can carve a 360-degree slope is a set of arbitrary size<br />14 supported software Paint Photoshop AutoCAD<br />15 degrees Operating temperature 5-40 <br />16 Working humidity 5 -95 no condensate<br />Application:<br />It uses laser engraving machine in the advertising industry, industry gifts, leather industry and textile industry, wool, plate of rubber, toys and construction industries and construction. Can engrave on wood, bamboo, organic glass, crystal, plastic, clothing, leather, paper, rubber, fur, colored plates, marble, ceramics, glass, jade carving and cutting non-ferrous materials.

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