Silicone Sealant


<br />The product is a single item, decarboxylation, room temperature, high-speed vulcanizing silicone sealant with figures such as liquefaction strength, ease the pressure, and flowfullessness convenient operation. Good ozone, radiation, aging and weather resistance, and electrical property. Is not easy to flame. the upper and lower temperature resistance. Can not maintain the flexibility and power of a good leak in the -60 - 250 . It can be used on an ongoing basis is less than 200 and be used intermittently at 250 . can be used well diluted acid, water, dilute alkali, motor oil, gear oil resistance, etc.. widely used for most building materials such as aluminum, glass, ceramic, enamel, wood, without oil. Changes leak in the middle of constant coefficient of elastomer, which can carry the displacement equal to the width by 20 percent from seeking a common good with the leak, and the anti-knock properties and resistance to shocks. Red, cream smooth and uniform without toxins.

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