Small-sized quantum magnetic resonance analyzer


<br />Analyst resonant magnetic quantum is a new tool for the analysis of this phenomenon. Are collected and the frequency of weak magnetism and energy in the human body by holding the sensor, and after amplification of the tool and treatment built-in micro-processor, and is compared to data with the spectrum of quantum standard resonant diseases, nutrition and other indicators included in the instrument of judgment on whether the sample wavelength and irregular using Fourier approach. And can therefore be that the analysis and judgment made on the health status and key problems of the testee on the results of the analysis waveform, as well as the standard proposals for preventive and therapeutic.<br /><br />1. Analyze the quality of basic physical<br />2. Analysis of sugar in the blood<br />3. Analysis of bone disease<br />4. Analysis of bone mineral density<br />5. Analysis of brain neurons<br />6. The heart and blood vessels and brain analysis<br />7. Gallbladder function analysis<br />8. Digestive function analysis<br />9. Analysis of Gynecology<br />10. Human toxicity analysis<br />11. Analysis of kidney function<br />12. Analysis and liver function<br />13. Analysis of lung function<br />14. Pancreatic function analysis<br />15. Analysis of bone disease, rheumatoid<br />16. Analysis of trace elements Ca , Fe, Si, lead, zinc, vitamin, etc..

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